Unity Search Salary Guide

Accounting and Finance hiring in Texas remained quite strong in 2016. North Texas outpaced the rest of the state as the region continues to draw more corporate relocations from across the country; however, the Houston area started to rebound in late 2016 due to the stabilization of oil and gas prices which led to the removal of many hiring freezes in the region. Real Estate, Consulting, Service and Investment related businesses continue to be the industry leaders in Accounting and Finance hiring.

Based on discussions with local and regional economic leaders as well as various financial executives and hiring managers, we believe that the 2017 job market for Accounting and Finance professionals will be one of the most active and competitive markets we have seen in many years. Top-ranked Accounting and Finance candidates continue to be very difficult to hire and retain due to their high demand on the market.

Employee retention should be a major focus of companies and public accounting firms, as the demand for top quality accounting and finance talent is really strong.

We hope that you will find our 2017 Salary Guide as a useful tool to benchmark your salary and/or the salaries of members of your department.

Best wishes for a happy and productive 2017!

-The Unity Search Partners